UniverseBridge connects your data visualization apps to your SAP BusinessObjects semantic layer.

What is UniverseBridge?

Why do organizations invest in multiple business intelligence platforms? They like the interactive visualizations offered by a tool like Qlik or Tableau, but they also like the powerful backend and metadata layer of a tool like SAP BusinessObjects.

UniverseBridge gives you the best of both worlds.

With UniverseBridge, you can seamlessly integrate your data residing in SAP BusinessObjects into your data visualization apps, allowing you to leverage your corporate business logic already developed within your SAP BusinessObjects Universes.

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UniverseBridge for Qlik
UniverseBridge for Tableau
UniverseBridge for Power BI
UniverseBridge for ThoughtSpot

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UniverseBridge for Qlik Sense
UniverseBridge for Tableau
UniverseBridge for Power BI

Why Use UniverseBridge?

Reuse Not Rebuild

  • Use what you’ve already built in BusinessObjects to create interactive visualizations and apps
  • Leverage all of your corporate business logic already developed within your BusinessObjects Universes and custom report calculations
  • Easily associate data across existing legacy Universes and other data sources without rebuilding them
  • Automatically see any changes to object and join definitions within the BusinessObjects Universes instantly reflected within your scripts


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Accelerate Development

  • Leverage the power of your existing BusinessObjects Universes without having to re-build SQL Queries

Get the Best of Both Worlds

  • Do your front-end design with data visualization tools
  • BusinessObjects provides a robust “middle tier”
  • Federate data across legacy BusinessObjects Universes without the complexity of migrating them to Multi Source Universes
  • Let your business users work with the tool of their choice
  • BusinessObjects universes are purposely built to host and maintain your business logic

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UniverseBridge is extremely easy to install and configure. You simply drop a single .WAR file into the Tomcat webapps directory that hosts your SAP BusinessObjects CMS, and the installation is automatic.
No. UniverseBridge can run on the existing Tomcat webserver that hosts your SAP BusinessObjects BOE. Alternatively, you can host UniverseBridge in a separate Tomcat instance on a different server.
No. No ODBC drivers, no custom connectors… nothing. Developers and users simply use a parameterized URL to pull SAP BusinessObjects data via UniverseBridge.
4.0SP5 or newer
UniverseBridge runs on any version of Windows, Unix, or Linux that is supported by SAP BusinessObjects for the CMS.
Yes. UniverseBridge can use consume WebI Data and Report Providers any report-level objects.
Yes. Email, phone, and web-based ticketing is available, though our online knowledge base is where you can find answers to most of your questions.